Sunday, June 27, 2010

Anniversary Gifts

So I have had quite the busy but lovely weekend! On Saturday the 26th my man and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary! YAY! We had a delicious lunch with a good friend and then Andi took me out to a special dinner. It was PERFECT! 

Now on Saturday we went into town to find me a present... but the gorgeous porcelain statue of the naked girl riding a bear (I know how that sounds, but it's beautiful trust me) had already been snatched up and the really old rustic and lovely Salter Scales in the other antique shop had also disappeared! 
During this trip Andi and I both came to the conclusion that if you want something you have to snatch it up fast! Especially when it comes to finds in antique shops, it's not like you can just go and find another one.
So now that both of my finds are gone I have no idea what I want... you know life is amazing when you can't think of anything that you want. Especially when it comes for free.

So I have a question for you What do I want!? or rather What would you want if you could have anything (within reason of course) for an anniversary present!? What is on your wishlist at the moment!? Anything goes! I want comments girls! Lots of comments! Pleeease!

Also I have finally purchased some more Titanium White oil paint and can now finish off the sky in my Crayfish Creek painting! I will post the finished product soon. Hope you're all as excited as I am!


  1. i know what you want. you know what i know you want. BLING BLING CHING CHING GET THE GIRL A DIAMOND!! - love from Holly~Jean

  2. That sounds like a fantastic anni. I think for our present we would splurge on the Bose surround sound system that we've been drooling over. Not very exciting, but still expensive.

    I can't wait to see your Crayfish Creek painting!

    ~Meg @ "Through the Roses"


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