Sunday, June 13, 2010

Love This Place


Finally, after many busy days I am back for more!
Today my gorgeous guy and I took my family and visiting Grandmother to see the block of land that our home will (eventually) be built on. So much fun! Above is the beautiful view we will one day have from our home. Oh isn't it wonderful?

We went for a stroll down this track ^^ where we found some beautiful ducks. Unfortunately my camera died just as they swam over to us and flapped their wings. My man took a few snaps though so hopefully I will add them soon. However I did manage to take a few more photos along the way.

Many birds were seen frolicking in the water. This little guy was having a gay old time perching. 

Unfortunately when we came upon the sgaggle bevy of pretty black swans I couldn't get a snap at them! I did get many seagulls though! There's never a shortage around here of those.

The above is my favorite pic of the day! I love snaps of boats bobbing on the water. The sloping mountain and "high flyers" make this one complete... LOVE

"Love This Place"

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  1. what an incredible view you will have! and there's something so grounding about living near water. i can see why you love it.


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