Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Oil on Canvas

So aside from taking photos and posting them up here in blogland I also love to paint! Oil painting is my main hobby at the moment however I still enjoy painting with other mediums too. I would love to get involved in water colour one day but for now my passion is oil!

So, my big brother's lady came over on Sunday night for a family dinner and we got talking about painting. She is a painter too (I'd say a lot more accomplished than me and she is studying art and teaching at University. Hello to the lovely Emma!), anyway while we were talking she mentioned that she has a couple of weeks off and around 12 hours per week to spend painting. I have about 24 hours everyday to spend painting... and I don't. She has twin boys, 2 years old... and she is still able to find the time to paint... and I don't? What is wrong with this picture? (no pun intended).

So I have pretty much come to the conclusion, that I need to hop off my lazy bum and get painting. It's what I love to do! So why not do it, right? Right?

Anyway, I thought I'd post some pictures of my recent paintings... here goes.

This is my portrait of Scully... or Gillian Anderson from the X-Files. Andi currently has this piece on his wall. Once again check him out over at http://lookwhatgodjustdidtous.blogspot.com. This shot must have been taken before it was officially complete as it is missing my signature. Oil on Canvas.

Excuse the poor quality of this one. I had to copy and paste off facebook. See above, right. This one was done a year ago for study purposes in a Visual Art course hence why it is on paper and done in acrylic in order to send in. I am planning to (hopefully) do a good copy one day of oil on canvas. Obviously it is in reference to Samuel L. in Pulp Fiction. As you have probably noticed a lot of my paintings have to do with Pop Culture. This one is rather pop-arty though, I don't know that the others are so much, perhaps only in reference to the "pop".

Mind the shininess of this one I think my flash or lighting made this one super glossy! A portrait of Master Chief made for my friend Chris, which resides with him. Prior to painting this, I do believe I had no notion of who Master Chief was. Sorry everyone. I know I'll be shunned after admitting to that. Oil on Canvas. Again missing my signature, I really should take the photos after their completion... Oh well.

This one is a work in progress, as you can see I have not yet finished the sky, and there are still a few touch ups to be made... everywhere. This is my first ever landscape painting! Hopefully it's so wonderful that you'll have trouble believing it. *Scoffs*. This one is of a photograph my guy took up at Crayfish Creek. Notice my gorgeous kitty Duke (name a reference to Hunter S. Thompson) up the top there being ever so naughty! As usual, trying to knock things off of high places, in order to watch them fall to the ground. One of his most favored past-times. Again this is oil on canvas but about double the size of the other two. I have also not attempted a painting this large before (yes I know, I'm quite the amateur).

So I'll leave you with one last shot. Hope you like!


  1. Hi Kirsty..
    just finishing up my Wednesday post..
    thanks for stopping by/..
    I am a Florida girl, just back from the Gulf coast..enjoyed myself on the yet unspoiled and oilfree beaches of home..by Christmas when i return, who knows what mess I'll find..
    anyway.. feel free to pop by anytime..
    am avid photographer, sometimes pinter (acrylics), gardener of roses and of course excellent weed garden,..
    and furbabies three felines.. all rescues..
    and no.. here at midnite.. not coffee..just iced tea~
    okay.. back to publishing post
    warm sandy hugs..
    laughing smiles too..

  2. Hi Kristy, thank you so much for swinging by my blog. I love your paintings you are very talented--getting motivated is always the hardest part, isn't it? (Also, your kitty is super cute!)

    Those pictures from visiting your Grandmother are beautiful, where is that?

    ~Meg @ "Through the Roses"

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I've never tried oil painting but I've always wanted to. I love the colors in your landscape. Btw, I'm also a huge Gilmore Girls fan. Wish it was still on!

    Kim @inthedirectionofdreams

  4. Hi Kristy!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.. much appreciated :)

    I love your paintings, they are absolutely delightful... you have to promise me that if I ever open my own shop you will let me sell some!

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend and the weather down in Tassie isn't too cold, it has actually been really pleasant here in Brisbane so far this weekend!

    :) Hazel xox

  5. Hi Kirsty
    Your camera work is great but I like your style of painting as well. You have your own uniqueness and individuality and as an artist myself this is a trait that's hard to accomplish, congrats! Thanks for commenting on my blog and I hope to see more of your work


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