Monday, June 21, 2010

Una Passeggiata

Today I thought I'd be a good girl and go for a walk, for the sole purpose of going for a walk. Which is a lovely idea and I don't think people do it enough! (Meaning me).

This is the gorgeous view from the dirt track just up the street from my house. Tons of foliage and just that little snip of water to make things extra special! It also helps that there is wildlife everywhere you look here. The track is just above what used to be a small golf course, until it burnt down. Now it's just a hill with bike jumps the neighbours have made. I am very sad to say though that they are going to be developing the land for more houses to go up. Noooooo! Very upsetting but what can you do, save going nuts at a town meeting... unfortunately for me I don't think that would help either, otherwise I'd totally be there!

A leisurely walk just isn't complete without a bunch of teenagers racing past making you feel bad that you're not pounding the track in your little phys-ed shorts and tank top on a freezing cold day in the middle of winter. Maybe tomorrow I should turn my passeggiata into a run... maybe.... but probably not.

And to all those curious people out there the title of today's post is in reference to the Gilmore Girls characters, Morey and Babette Dell who take their cat, Cinnamon for walks in a little wagon. That's right, I'm that nerdy. 

Rory: Wow Cinnamon, riding in style.
Babette: Yeah, Morey made it.Cinnamon's not walking good these days but she still likes her passeggiatas. That's Italian for 'a nice walk.'
Morey: Passeggiata.
Babette: Oh god! He makes it sound so sexy!
Morey: Come on.
Loralai: (points to a little covering on the wagon) What's that?
Babette: Oh it's Cinnamon's private area. Sometimes she likes to be alone. She's just like Morey in that sense. (To Morey) Hey, say passeggiata again.
Morey: I can't do it on command Babs.
Babette: Oh he's blushin'. God I love a man that blushes! (Babette and Morey walk away, pulling the wagon).
Rory: Okay, our town is just weird!
Loralai: Thank god!


  1. They need to get Mcsteamy over on grey's anatomy to say passeggiata. Nerds Unite! lol

    Thanks for stopping over at my blog.

  2. I love your blog. It reminds me of a really cool tv show. I say Nerds unite too.

  3. Lady Bloggers sent me! Love your writing! Don't feel bad when those teenagers whiz by you on your walks! I used to feel that way (I like walking and detest running:o) until I realized that I'm actually on a many people are YOU whizzing by as they sit on their bums and watch TV???

    Looking forward to reading more!
    PS...I'm your newest follower!!


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