Thursday, July 29, 2010

Crayfish Creek Landscape

So today I want you all to leave lots and lots of comments pleeease? Hello?.... to tell me what you all think! Some of you will have already read my post about my Crayfish Creek oil painting... I got many lovely comments telling me what I could do to improve it. A lot of you gave me the idea that I should make the water beneath the waves darker... and that is just what I did!

I also toned down the waves slightly and touched up a few pieces here and there. And of course the final touch was signing my name to it... which sadly... was the worst signing job I've ever done. Oh well!

The photographs of the painting have not come out as well as I would have liked. It's a very cold and rainy day here in Australia, well where I am it is... so the photos are much darker than last time.

If you would like to have a look at my last post about this painting you will see a more accurate colour and light. Crayfish Creek Landscape, a Walk and a Thank you!

You can also have a look at my other paintings by going to this post: Oil on Canvas.

I would love it if you could all take a minute to comment and tell me what you think... have I made it better or worse? I'd also love it if you would like to leave some thoughts and ideas about what I should paint next! Something in the same style? More landscapes as this was my first ever or should I change it up and go back to a graffiti or pop-art style? 

I'd love to hear your thoughts

Monday, July 26, 2010

Winter Greenery

Lately I have come across many very summery gardening blogs. And because of this I can't stop dreaming about my to-be garden. As it is winter in Australia I am missing all the beautiful flowers that come out in the warmth. Usually the garden at my current residence is overrun with colour but at the moment everything is green. Green only!

Because of this I was inspired to try and capture the beauty in our winter garden.

Indiana wanted to get in on the action too so he came out with me to take some photos of his garden. Indie hardly ever gets out unless I take him out and boy does he NOT take it for granted! He absolutely loves being out and about and each time I take him he gets that little bit more adventurous.

It was very hard to get good shots outside, even though it's winter it was very warm and ridiculously bright out and very glare-y! I love this plant (whatever it is) just red leaves growing everywhere... splayed over the decorative wheelbarrow I gave Mummy. I love those little wheelbarrows!

I'll leave you with one last image... my absolute favorite! I'm pretty in love with it... it was one of those photographs you don't even know about until you upload... and there he was staring back at me with that cute little face! 

I love you Indiana!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Freebie Magazines

Yesterday I received a bag full of free magazines from the lovely Susann, a friend and colleague of Andi's. Don't you just love freebies? So exciting! I think I may be getting a little addicted to pouring through them. Apparently if I liked them and they were in the right style there are a few more bag fulls coming my way... YAY!

So far most of the magazines have been Country Living, Country Style and Laura Ashley plus a few other randoms that fit with the theme. The weather in Australia is gorgeous today (where I am anyway) especially considering it is the middle of winter. But the sun was out, there were no clouds to be seen and it was warm... very! So I have been sitting out on the balcony with my big stack of magazines, finding some inspiration and relaxing.

So far this morning I have perused through five of the magazines... after totally absorbing myself in them I figured I'd better come inside and leave some for later. I have collected a couple of images that I really fell in love with. Ok... so there were way more pictures than that they I absolutely loved... but here I am only going to showcase the ones that are in the style (I'm hoping) of the to-be home.

This pretty picture was taken from Australian Country Style, Field Trip, February 1997. Of course I'm not expecting my house to look like this... (well not straight away anyway hehe) but it has an essence of the look I want to go for. I love how white it is, and the flowers that hang off the beams. Does anyone have an idea as to what they may be? I'd love to know!

This one I have included because I am desperately wanting a claw foot tub! I haven't decided if I prefer white or black yet... but I figure I'll take anything I can get my hands on. As far as bathrooms go I love the whole classic look! We may or may not end up choosing the chequered floor but this is another idea, either that or some really big white or grey tiles. Australian Country Style, Live the Dream, April 2006.

Now don't get me wrong, I love these magazines but I will never let my blog turn into one of those places where people just upload photographs from magazines. Never, never, never. That's right, I'm keeping it real. haha.

Just so you know, I came across something very cool today that I thought some of you guys might want to have a look at! Recycled wine barrels as your wooden floor... it looks gorgeous! You can view it here.

Also if you're a magazine lover or you're in need of some light comedy you should check out Catalogue Living, if you haven't already done so.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Alice in Wonderland and the Red Queen

Good morning sunshine!

I have already introduced my littlest sister Cookie to you all but I have another little sissy called Chicken. Now Chicken has been invited to her friends birthday party this weekend. And being very hip and now the theme is Alice in Wonderland! I have recently come across many mummy blogs posting about Alice in Wonderland kids parties, it must be very "in". Of course it's a dress up party and Chicken has decided to go as the Red Queen.

Chicken is very lovely and though she does have a big head she doesn't exactly resemble Helena Bonham Carter in the role of the Queen so we had to come up with something! We already had on hand a red velvety cape that our lovely Nanna had made for her years ago. It's a little on the small side now, but it will work great!

Of course I had to incorporate playing cards into the piece somehow so we got out one of the old plastic crowns from the costume box and went to work. First I tied some old white cotton strips of material around the base and then some red ribbon. I also had some little fake blue flowers on hand that I thought would look great as roses... so in the  very style of Alice in Wonderland, we painted the roses red!

This week my big brother moved house and as the landlord needed the place to look ship shape, he and his roommate spray painted the dead flowers outside. Classic. I really wanted to get a photo to share as it is in theme (somewhat) with this post but being lazy boys... you know how it goes..

Anyway... My Mummy Dear being the great card maker that she is went all theme-y too and made this lovely card to Chicken's friend. You can view how she made this card and see a gallery of all her other beautiful cards here.

After the paint had dried on the roses, I just wrapped their wire stems around the crown, stuck on a Queen of Hearts card and wallah! The Red Queen Crown is complete!

After I had finished this magnificent creation, little Chicken pushed a note underneath my door, and this is what it read... ahem "I'd like to remind you that you only have five days on the costume. Signed [Chicken]." "Chicken, Chicken!" I yelled. Chicken comes running, "yes". "That's rude... and besides I have already finished the crown! Taadaa." "Oooh it's beautiful..."

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Joyeux Quatorze Juillet!

Bonjour! ... I know I'm a day late... buut Happy Bastille Day or rather La FĂȘte Nationale!

As you have probably already gathered, I am not French, nor do I know anybody French. But ever since Andi sent me a postcard from Paris it's held a special romantic place in my heart. Awww...

This is one of the hundred or so photos taken in Paris by Andi. Isn't it pretty?  Ohkay, so now that Andi is back from traveling the world, I can pretend imagine that his adventures were this romantic lovely time for me, hanging out in his golden pocket-watch. But truth be told... man it sucked! Everyday was just me trying to occupy myself so I could forget that he was on the other side of the world... it never worked. But, lets get back to pretending now, I like it better that way.

So I've decided to share some of my more Frenchy things with you. This is my beautiful postcard, which of course I had to frame. It actually came in the mail the day after he got back, so it took over 2 weeks to arrive! Phwaar

And that is one of my most favoured books, Villette by Charlotte Brontë . The story is set in France and there is much in the book written in French too, which has not been translated. I think it's cute but very annoying because I can't read what it says! I do love it the most purely because of how beautiful it looks. It's the oldest book in my collection, published in 1890, so it's not sooo old...

I love that the pages are practically falling apart at the edges and how when you close the book the pages don't a-line perfectly with each other like in new books.

This is another of the photos that Andi took in Paris. I really love the look of this one. The colouring is all camera by the way, the photos have not been touched up.

Joyeux Quatorze Juillet!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Cookie Cats!

Over the last little while I have been looking after my little sissy, Cookie.

And this is what it looked like:

Oh play-dough! What fun you are! Cookie has been sick... of course this has made me sick too... so for today I am going to bore you all with a post about cats! That's right... cats. I love 'em... and because I'm sick I thought what the hell... indulge! hehe

Now… When I started this blog, my idea was sooo not to talk about cats buuut I'm going to anyway!

The other day on one of my daily passeggiata’s I made some new friends! And boy are they cuuute!

 This big guy walked right out in front of me just as I was about to snap a picture of… This funny thing! Who happened to be running all around this roof!

These aren’t the best photos in the world but I had my camera on me and I saw something cute and I HAD to get a picture! You know how it is.

But best of all, walking in my front door… this is what I have waiting for me. Indiana. King of his castle! And boy does this picture capture him well!

So wherever this reaches you I hope you are happy and well, enjoying little ones and cats! Lot's of 'em!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Gardening Patches

Lately I have been thinking about my to-be garden. Now at the moment I know NOTHING about gardening... but I'm very eager to learn... everything! Andi is going to put down some pipes in the land soon so we will have running water and will be able to plant!

Andi and I are both very keen on being as self-sufficient as possible when it comes to the garden. Not only is it eco-friendly but I hate knowing that I'm eating pesticides when I eat fruit and veg... plargh! Though I'm not such a dreamer that I think that will become a thing of the past... I know I will still have to buy food but I have always wanted my own little veggie patch... Haven't you?

I took a shot of this garden as I was walking by because seeing the huge veggie patch and compost bins got me thinking  about a gardening segment I watched on the tv a while back. And I remembered a couple of fabulous sites it sent me to, welcome Eden Seeds and The Lost Seed , both companies which sell rare and heirloom seed varieties.

They use organic sprays and you can buy non-hybrid seeds from them, yay! I have noticed a phasing out of original vegetables so this is a massive plus! Apparently the fruits and vegetables from here are more nutritious and better tasting.. Obviously I can't be sure of that. It brings up the whole organic vs non-organic debate, where people get rather fiesty about claims that organic is better for you. This is absolutely true though. They may not have more vitamins or whatever inside... but they are free from pesticides which means you're not putting poison in your body. And in my book that is more nutritious!

Anyway getting back on topic, Andi already has a little design in his head about the patches. Railway sleepers and a rounded top so that the bunnies and native hens don't go eating all our yummies! Our friend Chris is interested as well so he might pitch in and make his own little veggie spot in the garden too. 

Of course I'm not only thinking veggie patches here, I want an entire variety of gorgeous plants around the place. I suppose most of that will have to be done after all the building is complete, which is a long way off but we want natives for the wildlife to enjoy and we get natives free off the council... hooray! I am also very partial to cottage gardens though... I loove fox gloves, roses and all that goodness... so we'll just have to make everything fit in together.. I hope.

Now please comment and share all your wonderful gardening tips and advice for me! I'm sure you've all got great stories to tell!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Weekend Planning and Dreaming

I had a gorgeous weekend with Andi! I hope you all had as wonderful a time as I did... or are even still having, as most of my readers live in the States! And because of this... for the first time in my life I am going to say... HAPPY 4th of JULY! ... *gasps* ooo that was weird... especially considering it's the 5th of July... that's right... in the real world it is!

Aside from absolutely freezing my butt off at Andi's gorgeous but poorly heated house I had a great time thinking up ideas for our to-be home.

According to the council our shed/garage has to be made up of the same stuff as the house. We're thinking of a 2 car garage with a little back room for Andi's stuff my painting studio hehe. Problem-solving in his sleep, Andi dreamed up a scheme, to get a frame from one of those big manly sheds and use timber (or whatever we decide to build the house with) to make the walls. Great idea right!

Anyway as it always goes, this plan will probably change about a billion times before we get around to doing anything. So this may or may not happen. But I just love being able to plan and decide everything for the place. I never once thought my first home with my guy would be one we planned ourselves.

These are just a couple of snaps I took on a little outing over the weekend. Cute, no?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Photographs of a Home

Thank you all for your lovely comments on my last post! I really appreciate all of the feedback I have received about my Crayfish Creek painting.

I am in the process of watermarking all of my photos and entries at the moment, trying to make them as discreet as possible. I hate seeing a beautiful picture only to find that it has a big hideous watermark on it ruining the whole thing. All of my pieces and blog are already copyrighted I just haven't gone to the trouble of showing that yet. However, since I'm trying to get into this whole blogging thing I figured it was a necessity! Of course feel free to ask if you would like to use or borrow any images or posts from me, I like sharing I just don't like stealing.

Today I thought I would share with you a couple of pictures I took (yes, you got it, on another walk).

I wish I had better been able to capture the zigs and zags that the branches of this tree took but I'm still pretty happy with the colours in this photo.

This is a picture of a house I walk by most everyday. I am pretty in love with this place. Most of the houses around where I live look very new but this one has a taste of the old to it... which I love.

Aside from the house I just love how sunny this photo looks. A few times I have noticed that inside there is a big painting, fairly similar to the Crayfish Creek oil I have just completed. I adore beachiness to an old-style home like this! And the upper windows... oooh I love those windows! hehe