Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sk8er Boi

Picture 540blogsk8
A week or so ago Andi and I took off to our land and found a nice quiet subdivision to skate in. Well… okay, for me to watch and Andi to skate. I did have one little go but I’m a big fat chicken. “Don’t let go okay!!?… Okay!!!?… Hello…?”

Picture 572blogsk8

Picture 541blogsk8

After that I stood around and took about a billion pictures. Of course Andi thought I would be bored out of my mind but I had so much fun!

Picture 560blogsk8 
I was a kid again. “OMG he’s so HAWT… did he just look at me!!!? OMG OMG OMG” and all that. hahaha

Picture 617blogsk8

Gorgeous isn’t he?
For your own personal safety… do not answer that question. It won’t go in your favour whichever way you answer. Thank you for your cooperation.

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Grand Ol’ House

Picture 487blogrichmondhouse
Driving to our picnic destination I spotted this beautiful home. On the way back I made Andi stop so we could take a few snaps.
Picture 488blogrichmondhouse
Unfortunately the only place to stop was in the driveway so I couldn’t get far enough away to photograph the bank on either side of the bridge. Yes, as you probably didn’t realise, this is a bridge leading up to the house. There were swans swimming in the lake too… wow.
Picture 489blogrichmondhouse
I’m pretty sure the people inside the place spotted us but I'm willing to bet that they’re fairly used to people stopping and taking photographs of their house by now.
Picture 491blogrichmondhouse
Picture 490blogrichmondhouse

Monday, August 23, 2010

Further Beach Strolling

Picture 493blogbeachblue
A few posts ago I showed you the pretty photographs I took on my stroll along the beach. They were the “red” photographs I took, with all the red and dark purple coloured seaweed.  Well as I promised, this is my “Blue” beach post.
You can view my “Red” Beach post here: Beach Strolling.
Picture 502blogbeachblue
Picture 506blogbeachblue
In this set of photographs you can really see the country style as well as the coastal. I love driving up to this beach… you see the country with its horses, sheep and cows (I’m sure Andi is well and truly sick of my excitement and shouting out, “Look!” every time I see some kind of animal) and then suddenly you hit the beach.
Picture 509blogbeachblue
I just love how gorgeously blue this photo turned out. It almost makes me want to go for a swim… maybe not considering it’s winter time here.
Picture 510blogbeachblue
Luckily for me, once we hit the beach there was no shortage of animals. Instead of the sheep, horse and cows there were doggies!
Picture 511blogbeachblue
One of my favourite things about going to the beach is seeing how much fun the dogs have in the surf. Each wave brings a new joy.
Picture 518blogbeachblue

Thursday, August 19, 2010

3 Little Ducks

Picture 454blog3littleducks
On our picnic in Richmond, I fell in love with 3 Little Ducks. They waddled everywhere together! It was sooo sweet.
Picture 446blog3littleducks
Picture 449blog3littleducks
Obviously I had to take as many photos of them as possible, because they were so adorable! So I did.
Picture 450blog3littleducks
Picture 452blog3littleducks
Picture 453blog3littleducks
3 Little Ducks went out one day…
Picture 456blog3littleducks
Picture 457blog3littleducks
Picture 458blog3littleducks 
Over the the hills and far away…

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Beach Strolling

Picture 500blogbeachred
After our beautiful picnic on the weekend, Andi and I decided to go to the beach. As always we both took many photographs… I loove them!
Picture 501blogbeachred
What I particularly love about this beach is that it goes from Country surroundings to Beach with practically no barrier between. This is amazing especially considering it’s not too far from the city.
Picture 507blogbeachred
Picture 508blogbeachred
I loved capturing the red and purple of the washed-up seaweed in these photos. It looks great on “film”… maybe a bit strangling to swim in though. Further down the beach the seaweed subsided and I got much more blue and bright photos which I will upload soon. So stay with me!
Picture 517blogbeachred

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Richmond Bridge

Picture 483blogrichmond
This is a photograph I took of the “famous” Richmond Bridge, while on our picnic last week.
As most of you who read my dear little blog have probably never heard of this bridge, I will tell you a little about it. It is Australia’s oldest bridge. Made from sandstone by the convicts, it was completed in 1825.
Picture 485blogrichmond
This is the view from the bridge. Beautiful, no? This remind me of a “true” story I read in Ghostly Tales of Tasmania by Buck and Joan Emberg, titled The Flogging Ghost of Richmond Bridge.
As the tale goes Groover the Flagellator was one of the overseers of the convict gangs building the bridge. A most hated man, he would often add his own weight to the carts that were pulled uphill from the quarry and if their pace was too slow he would enjoy picking off slabs of skin from the convicts backs as they worked.
The bridge was almost complete, when on a dark, foggy night Groover was followed across Richmond Bridge and was  murdered, his body discovered on the banks below.
Picture 484blogrichmond 
The murder of  Groover the Flagellator is a true enough tale but whether or not people have truly seen his often headless ghost, haunting the bridge is another matter. I haven’t seen him… yet.
Picture 486blogrichmond

Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Picnic

Picture 445blogpicnic
Last week Andi told me that on the weekend we were going for a picnic. Sweet. We both took a ton of photos! And I’ve uploaded a few to show you.
This is the view of where we ate our bags of chips and coke…. *mouth waters*… mmm coca-cola!
Picture 433blogpicnic
I think this guy wanted in on the action too… Would you like some Coke, Duck?
Picture 442blogpicnic
Picture 440blogpicnic
This kids Dad was a real stickler for cleanliness.. He looked like a typical cool urban Dad… but when his Son got something on his jacket he said “Have you been rolling in something?” “No..” … here I was thinking this guy was a real laid back Dad… suddenly I was all… hmmm he doesn’t look like the type to care that his kid got his clothes dirty, having fun!… “Well you’ve got duck shit all over yourself.” … Oh… my mistake… =D
Picture 437blogpicnicDisclaimer:
No animals were harmed in the making of this post. Kirsty Girl © does not recommend feeding Coca-Cola to ducks.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Chicken’s Birthday Party

This weekend it was Chicken’s Birthday!
The day was beautiful and we all played in the garden (Chicken on her brand new scooter). Then the afternoon came with the arrival of the sleepover guests... noisy!
It was all good fun… tiring, exhausting, crazy, wild fun… as it was Chicken’s first ever sleepover!
We played lots of party games, like pass the parcel and musical statues. This year Mummy could not find a pin the tail on the donkey game at the shops… so I made one instead!
Picture 529blogbirthday
It’s called Pin the Party Hat on Chicken. I drew up a big Chicken, and cut out party hats and got the girls to decorate them. So much fun!
For prizes there were Smiggle stationary… which Chicken loves! Purple stationary is one of her favourite things. This reminds me of a Facebook status update posted by my friend, Becca. It was a quote from her boyfriend stating: "It takes a very SPECIAL kind of person to have to be banned from buying notebooks." You see, Becca has a stationary problem too.
Anyway, aside from making a Pin the Party Hat on Chicken game, I also made her a Birthday card and a little box to put it in.
Picture 527blogbirthday
Picture 464blogbirthday
Mummy also made Chicken a Birthday Card, which she absolutely loved… obviously because of its purpleness.
Picture 525blogbirthday
Picture 522blogbirthday   
This is another card, made by our Aunty Kelly, who is quite the talented miss herself! I particularly love this one.

Happy Birthday Chicken!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Indiana & Luna

my photos 031blog
Yesterday I made a new tab next to my other new tab! ^^ See, see? Aren't they cute! Well… the About Kirsty tab is all about me! And I suggest once you read this post, you take a look because I don’t have much for you today.
Today, as I am a busy girl, getting ready for Chicken’s Birthday, you will have to be content with some gorgeous kitty pictures! And content you shall be…
You all probably already know Indiana but I have not introduced to you, Luna.
my photos 003blog
Luna was my brother’s cat, who now lives with a friend of his. For a long time she lived here, with us… and with her best friend, Indiana.
my photos 032blog
my photos 020blog “In Love”
And now I will leave you with a few baby pictures of Indiana. I hope they will brighten your day! :)
my photos 021blog
my photos 008blog
my photos 030blog
I hope that I have a very productive day and get so much done today that by tonight I end up looking something like this…
my photos 036blog