Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Contact Tab and Networking

I have just made a new tab! My very first one... see him up there!!! ^^^
It’s called "Contact".. aren't you all just so excited? I know I am.

I have been toying with the idea of adding some tabs for a while now and I have finally done it. In my contacts tab you will find my contact details... OMG SHOCK! I bet you weren't expecting that! I have tried to make it a bit more interesting than the standard contact section where bloggers give you their email address... and well... that's about all.

I  have added (as well as my email for you lovely people) links to my facebook page, flickr account(which I suggest you should all check out! I uploaded lots of photos today which I adore!), my Twitter account, socialvibe page(come on over and help me raise money for PETA) and my new Blog Frog community!
And just to entice you all to come on over and have a browse through my flickr photos I thought I’d share a couple of photographs that I recently uploaded!

Little Red Riding HoodChicken as Little Red Riding Hood
In other news I have just downloaded Windows Live Writer and it is FANTASTIC! I don’t know how well it works when using other blog platforms but I do know that if you use Blogger then this is something you will want to get! And of course it’s free otherwise I wouldn’t have mentioned it… because I’m cheap.

You have probably also noticed that I have changed my profile picture. It was taken by my lovely man, Andi, who is an amazing photographer in my very biased opinion. You can view his blog and other photo’s here. Or you can have a look at his stuff on flickr.

Stay tuned this week for another new tab called “About Me” which will be about…. (you guessed it)…. me! I hope you all have a fabulous time perusing through my other networks. Feel free to add me, comment or leave me messages!

I’d also love to hear what you have to say on my new tab and any ideas for other tabs or how to improve my blog!

Piggycomp Cookie as a Piggy


  1. Love the changes and the pics!


  2. Very cute photos Kirsty,
    Thank you for joining my community on blog frog!
    Come and post a link to your blog on my “tag along tuesday” Get this blog noticed!

  3. Glad to see you like Live Writer. I use it for both my blogs and really love it.

    I just added as tab to one of my blogs the other day and will be watching what you do to get ideas. Hope you don't mind if I use you for inspiration.

  4. Hi Kirsty! So you on the Blog Hop! Cute blog!!! :-) And cute picture!



  5. So, I came over from Blog Frog...
    You asked what other tabs you might want to add at the top of your page (I think your contact page is adorable, BTW, I love how your icons are offset from each other, super cute) and I have an idea for you.

    In you blog you talk about Andi, Cookie and Chicken, and I don't know who they are. If you are going to talk about somebody often on your blog, you should have some central point of reference. Maybe an "about" section that tells a little more about you than the little blurb from Blogger. That way, when a new reader comes along, I can find out who Andi is why they sent you a postcard from Paris.

    Just an idea!

  6. Hey Kirsty!

    I just started a new blog and I haven't even thought about any tabs yet.

    But I see a lot of blogs that have several tabs, so I can't wait to get to that next step in my blog's development.

    Congrats to you!


  7. You're a riot Kirsty! I'm fairly new to blogging so I'm going to check out your pages for ideas, if that's ok.

    Have fun!

  8. Cute pics! I've been experimenting with tabs as well. I have my home tab and then links that are lists of things- resources, etc. Stopping over from Blog Frog- Tag Along Tues.

    Creative and Curious Kids!

  9. Hi!
    I just started my blog in May and am in the process of redesigning it and adding new tabs! It took me a while to figure out I could do it and then when I did it was, huh... that was easy!

  10. I absolutely love how you created the Contact page and your writing makes me smile. Cute pics too.

  11. Hi Kirsty, Great stuff, you are doing extremely well. First things first, thanks for following me on blog frog. I do appreciate it.

    Advice on your blog? I would, had I been you, add a links tab, that way you can exchange links with your readers and other people who are interested in your blog. That way you not only improve your PR, but you also promote your site to hundreds, if not thousands of readers.

    Another option is to add adsense and put adverts on your site. That way you can earn a little cash on the side. Do not expect a lot, but I earn about R300-00 per month, which is not much but pays my internet connection.

    Please feel free to ask if you need to know something, (my e mail address is on my site) and feel free to "steal" anything on my site, nothing on there has copy right. I stole it from someone else's site anyway....haha... but not from sites with copy rights okay?

    Have a stunning day and best wishes from the bottom of my heart.


  12. Oh I forgot to mention, there is a golden, unwritten rule, always reply when someone leaves a comment on your site, that way you not only promote your blog, but you make excellent and loyal friends. Actually, the more blogs you comment on, the more people learn of your blog.

    Take care.


  13. Found you from the blogfrog. You might want to add an about you button to tell us all about yourself.


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