Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Grand Ol’ House

Picture 487blogrichmondhouse
Driving to our picnic destination I spotted this beautiful home. On the way back I made Andi stop so we could take a few snaps.
Picture 488blogrichmondhouse
Unfortunately the only place to stop was in the driveway so I couldn’t get far enough away to photograph the bank on either side of the bridge. Yes, as you probably didn’t realise, this is a bridge leading up to the house. There were swans swimming in the lake too… wow.
Picture 489blogrichmondhouse
I’m pretty sure the people inside the place spotted us but I'm willing to bet that they’re fairly used to people stopping and taking photographs of their house by now.
Picture 491blogrichmondhouse
Picture 490blogrichmondhouse


  1. A charming place, thanks for sharing.

  2. Gated houses always seem so mysterious. They envite but then they say "no."

  3. I would love to live there! lovely pictures!

  4. Beautiful spot. I like taking pictures of lovely places, too. What's really fun is when people take picture of our house. We have a white country Victorian with a wrap around porch. :)

    Thanks for following me. If you indeed looked at my blog, you'll see one or two pictures of it on my scrolling pictures. The one with the rainbow over the cupola, house and trees is our place.

  5. Hi there! Following you from blog frog. Looking forward to reading :)

    Mine is Stop by any time!

  6. Lovely home... don't blame you for stopping and taking the photo's, i would have too.. :))

  7. Hi Kristy !!
    I have visited your blog after have found you at BlogFrog.
    I love this here.

    and this post is very inspiring.

  8. Such beautiful pictures!! Thanks for giving us a peek at this :)


  9. hello, dropping by from the Tea Party..i've gotta to say I LOVE the first pic..:)

  10. how gorgeous! i love the way the light was filtering through in the first shot.

  11. cool idea to take more than 1 pic to different times;-) thanks for your visit!

  12. Wow, Kirty, beautiful pictures. Very atmospheric all of them. A friend of mine, Mandy, has a blog on photography: beauty wround the world. Maybe you like to check her out?

    Hugs across the pond

  13. Hi! Following you from blog frog. Great pictures, stop by my blog if you get a chance!

  14. makes me want to walk through the gates...reminds me of the movie - the notebook!

  15. I love taking pictures too. That is a beautiful picture! I would love to walk thru that house and the grounds :)

  16. Very mysterious. I like how the house is set far back and the overgrown shrubbery on the driveway.


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