Saturday, August 14, 2010

Richmond Bridge

Picture 483blogrichmond
This is a photograph I took of the “famous” Richmond Bridge, while on our picnic last week.
As most of you who read my dear little blog have probably never heard of this bridge, I will tell you a little about it. It is Australia’s oldest bridge. Made from sandstone by the convicts, it was completed in 1825.
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This is the view from the bridge. Beautiful, no? This remind me of a “true” story I read in Ghostly Tales of Tasmania by Buck and Joan Emberg, titled The Flogging Ghost of Richmond Bridge.
As the tale goes Groover the Flagellator was one of the overseers of the convict gangs building the bridge. A most hated man, he would often add his own weight to the carts that were pulled uphill from the quarry and if their pace was too slow he would enjoy picking off slabs of skin from the convicts backs as they worked.
The bridge was almost complete, when on a dark, foggy night Groover was followed across Richmond Bridge and was  murdered, his body discovered on the banks below.
Picture 484blogrichmond 
The murder of  Groover the Flagellator is a true enough tale but whether or not people have truly seen his often headless ghost, haunting the bridge is another matter. I haven’t seen him… yet.
Picture 486blogrichmond


  1. Visiting from the LBS.

    I have heard of the Richmond Bridge but I didn't know it was made by convicts. Weird.

  2. Spooky! Those are great pictures. Stopping by from the Lady Bloggers Society Tea Party.

  3. Beautiful shots. I'd love to have a picnic right there on the water's edge. Thank you for sharing.

    Stopping by for tea from the Tea Party!

  4. My niece and her husband are moving to Australia next year for three years. My husband and I think that would be the best excuse to finally visit. Maybe we'll see this bridge:)

  5. The bridge is gorgeous, and I do love a good ghost tale!
    Let me know if you ever see Groover.

  6. The bridge is gorgeous, and I do love a good ghost tale! Let me know if you ever see Groover.

  7. Hi there - stopping in from LBS tea party - love your photos, cute blog!

  8. Your photography skills are pretty awesome. One would think I could point & shoot, but that's giving me too much credit. :)

    Enjoy Australia! Visiting from LBS Social Tea!

  9. That is a beautiful view! Lovely photos. Visiting from LBS. Have a great day!

  10. Visiting from LBS - your photos are beautiful! Thanks for sharing that story about a bridge (living in the states, I would never have known about it!) Drop by sometime!

  11. You take gorgeous photos!!!! I would love to visit another country someday - God willing.

  12. I loved my trip to Richmond! And your right, it is so gorgeous by the bridge! I could have sat for the day and taken photos.

    Loved the story too.. hadnt heard that one when we were there.. damnit, otherwise I would have been on the lookout... maybe I should go back and look at my photos and see if his orb is in any photos :)

  13. Great photos and a good story to go with them!

  14. Interesting story. As I was reading it I was thinking it was going to end with him mortared into the bridge somewhere. Ah well, couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

  15. this bridge is so pretty and just enjoyed your words. thanks for your comment on my blog re spring cleaning. will follow Rose

  16. I followed you back from Blogfrog, but I just kept on a followin'! Hi, nice to meet you. That is a beautiful picture. You sure have an eye for a good photo. So, I hope you get some time to check out my blog too, but for now I'm going to browse this blog of yours & check out some more pictures. This Picnic one below looks intriguing. Have a great day!

  17. HI Kirsty!

    Beautiful pics ! Following you now.Visit my blog when you find time!

    Have a great week!


  18. jumping back took a break still spring cleaning this is a bumber. hope yoy have a great Sunday. rose

  19. What a beautiful picture. Thanks for stopping by! Come by anytime!
    I would love to visit Australia someday.

    Come along and follow.

    Have a beautiful day!
    Love, Brenda

  20. such a lovely blog you have dear just loved looking at you ,your blog and reading too god bless

  21. Gorgeous pictures! You have an amazing eye and capture such stunning pictures!


  22. Hey kristy girl
    Love the photos have a look on facebook of the ghost I caught at port arthurs church last august.


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