Thursday, September 30, 2010

Skipping Stones

Skipping Stones
Here are a few digital snaps I took while Andi and I were on a picnic bench, eating chips and drinking Cherry Coca-Cola’s (as vegan’s we eat right!). This is the beautiful view from our seat and also a little closer look at the view from where we will build our home.

Skipping Stones #4
I’m loving the contrast in the shot, the intense bright sky and really dark shadow. Here we watched kids feed ducks, a boat race and kayakers.

Skipping Stones #6
Skipping Stones #3
I also watched Andi skip rocks… he’s so talented!

Skipping Stones #5
Skipping Stones #7
Here you can see the beautiful, enormous home at the end of our street. Lucky for some!

Skipping Stones #2
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Monday, September 27, 2010

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!

Recently I was nominated by Jane over at I’m Downtown to play along with a little game. In which one tells 6 untruths, and 1 truth about themselves and you as my wonderful readers get to guess which is my 1 truth. Here we go:
1.  Recently on a journey to Richmond, I spied the headless ghost of Groover the Flagellator on the oldest bridge in Australia. (You can see his tale here. If you have been following for a while, you’ll know the answer to this one).
Picture 484blogrichmond
2.  When I was a kid a boy followed me home from school and set alight a tree opposite my house because I told him to leave me alone. At this time I was in the backyard playing when my dog started going a little crazy. Of course I said “What’s up Lassie!?” I proceeded to follow my dog to the source of his concern and put out the blaze as the little arsonist fled the scene.
3.  A few years ago my family adopted a cat from a shelter. It was an all black cat and was normal in every respect other than its behaviour and its eyes. The black pupils in cats eyes are supposed to be vertical but instead were horizontal, making our cat look evil. I don’t know if it was treated badly and as such killed another cat in the neighbourhood and attacked the members of my family every chance it got or if it was just born evil. Now I often contemplate whether it is through conditioning or our soul that we become who we are.
4.  Yesterday on one of my daily walks I saw a Kookaburra, no he was not sitting in an old gum tree, and nor was he laughing. He was situated on top of the wires from a utility pole. I starred at him for quite a while (even living in Australia it is rare to see a Kookaburra out in the open like this, particularly in the suburbs) and as I was watching him he was electrocuted, and lay tangled in the wires.
5.  When I was a baby I looked like a pig. My nose was a snout and my ears were too big. My mother would poke at the hole at the back of my head where my brain was exposed. I didn’t know it then but never again would we capture those wonderful days.
6.  7 years ago today, I received a telephone call alerting me to the fact that I had just won The Flinders Medal from the Australian Academy of Science for my work in marine biology and my study on cellular mutation that occurs between certain species of fish and mermaids.
7.   The main reason I have never travelled or left the Australian shores on business is because the Taxation Office of Australia has ordered me not to leave the country on grounds of millions of dollars worth of unpaid taxes. Unfortunately I do not have the funds to escape my suspense.
Now, it’s your turn to play. Comment on this post and tell me what you think is my 1 truth. :D
Happy Playing

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Walking with Cookie

Picture 647blog
Oh dear blog, I do believe this is the longest break between posting yet! Oops… I wish it wasn’t but sometimes life gets in the way of doing the truly important things in life, like blogging… about life…
Unfortunately for you dear readers, I still have a life today too… so you’ll have to be content with a short photo post about my walk with Cookie.

Picture 649blog
Always, always do I tell my darling sister, Cookie, to be ever so careful. “But I’m always careful.” She will tell me. “You’re WHAT!?” “Always CAREFUL.” … “Sorry… wrong inflection… YOU’RE what!?”
Of course after all this, she did fall. Thankfully she didn’t break anything and was able to walk home. Oh diddums.

Picture 659blog
Of course, other than Cookie getting a bit scratched up we had a wonderful walk. Getting photographed along the way helped a lot too… she does love to be photographed!
When we got home she said “Kirsty, do you know what my favourite thing in the whole world is?” … “Tell me.” … “Being CUTE!” … “Oh dear…”

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Spring Fling

Picture 619
Spring is finally coming about and with it so are the flowers!!! Yes, yes yes, so excited! Oh, how I have missed you, my lovelies! Any one know what flower this is that I picked because I sure don’t.
Who I do know however, is that little piggy next to him. His name is Muffin. He doesn’t photograph that well (sorry Muffin) because he’s Swarovski crystal and as such is see-through. He is one of my many, many pigs. I collect them you see. When I first started talking to Andi, neither of us believed each other when we said we collected pigs. Because you see, Andi collects pigs too. And that was when we knew it was true love. Hahaha

Anyway back to the subject! Spring, Spring, Spring! To celebrate the coming of the beautiful warmth that is Spring, I went on a little adventure through my local Nature Reserve. I’d never gone as far as I did this time so it was scary! I’m one of those people that find it hard to navigate around a 1m squared room… and the amount of crossroads I came across was a bit scary. But walking around in circles in this place would have sent me home anyway… it isn’t the biggest place.

IMGP0017blog See my Poe Crow?
I wonder if he has been following me… see my last Poe Crow here: A Very Poe Post tell me, do you think they look the same or is it just my imagination?

The Nature Reserve is a little habitat to protect the Eastern Barred Bandicoot who are loosing the battle on the mainland. However I say there isn’t enough room or food for them in the Reserve because I often see them wandering the streets.

These are some photos of the views from the Reserve. I thought this white sail boat looked very splendid by itself amongst all that blue. Unfortunately I didn’t catch any bandicoots this time (by catch I mean photograph).

IMGP0020blog   Disclaimer:
No animals were harmed in the making of this post. Kirsty Girl © does not recommend catching bandicoots.

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Wintery Good Bye

Though the season of Winter ended last week, it’s cold has blessed a few days of Spring. And because the fire was going, the cat was warm and joyous, I thought I would snap a few pictures, with the sun going down.
I love that my camera was able to capture the intense blue of outside. The sky was amazing that night, and to sit by the fire while I listened to the rain, with my pussycat by my side was very calming.
I had to snap up a picture of my little moth friend too. Isn’t he cute?
I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I do! And for all my non-Australian followers out there… hope this post gets you in the mood for some lovely colder weather to come your way!  

Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Very Poe Post

Picture 550blog
Recently I took some photos of the street down from my nest. They’ve come out a bit dark and eerie actually… I didn’t plan on that but when you take photographs on a cloudy day of trees without leaves and black birds in the sky… it’s bound to happen.
Thus I am entitling this “A Very Poe Post”.
Picture 559blog
Picture 592blog
This is my Poe bird. Isn’t he lovely? Actually it’s kind of unfair to call any black bird a Poe bird, particularly since this guy isn’t a Raven… but oh well.
Picture 551blog