Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Beach Locals

Picture 027beach
So today, I am going to be very boring and leave you all with a couple of photos I took on a trip to the local beach with Andi, as I am a complete sicko at the moment. Hope you all enjoy!
Picture 026beach
Picture 028beach
This trip to the beach, though short, was actually very wonderful because I found a bird I had been looking for for a LONG time! I’ll share him with you soon.
  Picture 029beach 

Here’s to hoping you all go out and explore some beachiness soon too!


  1. No beaches so near me, thanks for sharing, beautiful shots.

  2. There is nothing boring about a beach! Love the pics!!

  3. Hope you feel better. Thanks for thinking of us and posting these gorgeous shots.

  4. beautiful photos!! i can't wait to be at the beach soon :)

  5. ooh our beaches will be frozen over soon :P thanks for the little vacation daydreaming though!

  6. Lovely coastal photos. Love your sneakers. ~ xox Alexandra

  7. Oh I didn't get to the beach this year. I usually make it to the coast at least once a year. What beautiful beaches Australia has. One day I hope to go there.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog.



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