Thursday, October 28, 2010

Books & Crafts with Brian Heinz

A little while ago I got an email from the children’s author, Brian Heinz, about a comment I made on his interview at Toby Speed’s blog. The email was informing me that I had in fact NOT won a signed copy of his new book. However, I was chosen out to pick one of his books and he would send me a free copy anyway. Uhh… how did I not win, right? Awesome!

So Chicken and I went to his website to pick out a book. Of course Chicken, being Chicken picked a book about beaches, learning, the environment, science and craft. Umm… perfect no?
Picture 076
The only thing Chicken found imperfect about the book was that Brian had written trash instead of garbage. How very unAustralian of him! Of course that’s probably because he’s American.. but anyway.
Instead of sending the girls one book he sent them THREE! Three, free, signed and delivered books! The girls were so excited that instead of eating the cookies they had in a big barrel on the kitchen table they read! Freakish children, choosing books over cookies. Brian’s clearly a fantastic author!
Picture 071
So here are our new, awesome books! The Alley Cat, Beachcraft Bonanza and Beachcrafts, Too! After going through the books dozens of times the girls and I got to work on our Thank you’s for Mr. Heinz.
 Picture 064
Being both wildlife enthusiasts, Brian and I. I made him a specialised card for the occasion.  If you’re in to card-making I suggest you go on over to my dear Mummy’s blog, Stamping Still.
The girls pulled out their coloured pencils and set to work drawing some native Australian animals. Here we have Cookies’, rainbowed feet Echidna, Platypus and Kangaroo. And underneath, Chicken’s Tasmanian Devil.
Picture 068
Picture 070


  1. I'm a children's writer hunting for an agent. :) Nice deal for you, though, huh?

    I am following from Blog Frog. Nice to meet you. Come visit my house.

  2. Very cool! Stopping by from Blog Frog, now off to read more.

  3. What a gorgeous blog you have here! I LOVE!


  4. Ooh awesome, the books look great, as does the cute card! :D

  5. Thank you for the compliment! Super cute blog!

  6. adorable card and started following me on blogfrog...than kyou...I really do not do much with bf, you can check out my blog if you like...have a super weekend!

    enjoy *~*

  7. You have a beautiful blog. Love the art work and the cards. I will have to read Brian Heinz now. Thanks, Kirsty.

  8. Hello!! You followed me on Blogfrog and here I am!! What lovely books and what a pretty pretty card awesome!!! Ill follow your blog with interest and Im now off to visit some of your friends too!! Always nice to "meet" new friends!!


  9. I love kid art! And I love the book art. What is the age group the books are aimed at? I am always looking for great books for my boys. One of my son's very favorite authors just released a new book! I love those authors that connect with myboys! Thanks for the heads-up on some very exciting-looking books:)

  10. Popped in from Lady Bloggers to say hi! How adorable!

  11. You have a cool blog,stopped by from Blog Frog!

  12. Such an appealing card with the wildlife illustrations !


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