Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Duke’s Barbie

Duke 2nd October 2010 #5
I spy with my little eye… something that is black! Yep. It’s Duke. Duke had the time of his life on Saturday! Spring has finally come out and brought the beautifully warm weather with it. So as it was a lovely sunny day Duke was able to play outside. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone this excited. Not even Chicken and Cookie on Christmas… and that’s excited!
Duke 2nd October 2010 #21
Andy, Dom, Duke and I had a delicious day in the sun. Eating our barbecued  tofu, mushroom and tomato kabobs. Dom was our personal chef for the day and he came up with the wonderful idea. How inspirational!
Duke 2nd October 2010 #29
Duke 2nd October 2010 #16
Duke was such a dear (dear, deer?) prancing and leaping through the flowers. After such an eventful day he was very ready for cuddling up and snoozing on Andy. Or rather passing out on him. Very sweet.
Duke 2nd October 2010 #6


  1. Duke is such a cute cat! Hope that you are doing well and enjoying the spring!


  2. Dom? Cooking something that has more steps than "open packet, put in microwave"??? what have you guys done to the man i used to know!?!? Lol nah in all seriousness, sounds like an awesome day, wish nick and i could have been there too :-) duke looks so happy!! cant wait to meet u and duke at christmas time :-) xx

  3. What a darling kitty! I love hanging out with our cats, so fun! Sounds like a lovely day! XX!

  4. I love watching a kitty explore. They see things we never notice. What a beautiful view you have there too!

  5. He is so cute, but he looks a lot like my mom's evil cat, Mr. Darcy. I love cats, but Mr. Darcy is pretty awful. Duke looks nice though. :)

  6. I love your blog!!! I'm a new follower! *waves* It's really nice to meet you!

    This post is awesome... the kitty is super cute and all the photos are beautiful! I would be curious if I lived there as well!

  7. Cats are wonderful and I like watching them exploring around.. It's so much fun to have a cat that is as cute as yours!



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