Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Gallopers

Picture 035gardens2
After the Spring Festival, Andi and I wanted to go back to the Botanical Gardens to take some more photographs without so many people around. While there were people around (or rather more photographers) we did get a little while to shoot by ourselves.
I took a couple of far off shots of the Gallopers here, believed to be the second oldest steam-powered carousel in existence. You can see a close up shot of the Gallopers in my post, Spring Festival.
Picture 053gardens2 
So today I say screw the Autumn leaves and pumpkins and bring on the florals! A nice change, no? And I had to take a snap of the beautiful water feature at the Gardens too.

Picture 047gardens2
Picture 054gardens2
And of course any thoughts or encouragement on Kirsty Girl hosting linky parties would be much appreciated. :)


  1. Hi there, and thanks for visiting my blog. These pix in the gardens are so pretty. Lovely to have the gardens to yourself.

  2. whats a linky party Kirsty? Great photos btw, I wanted to get to the Gardens while I was down but didn't make it :( Your photos make me miss it some more!! Was so long ago now that I worked there..... Ahhh memories :) Talk soon!! xx

  3. Hi Kirsty, thank you for visiting me! Such a sweet blog you have, i love the first picture here, so romantic! Am a new follower ;)

  4. Great pics you have .. The flowers are beautiful :))

  5. Those are such a great photos..I love flowers:) Have a great day

  6. A couple more days like the one we are having, and I will be ready to give up on this autumn stuff. The good part of it is over. Bring on the spring!!!

  7. Those purple and blue flowers are just gorgeous!! Great pictures.

  8. Great pictures and love the color on those flowers!

  9. These are too cool! Interesting history! XX1

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