Thursday, October 14, 2010

Japanese Gardens

Picture 010japanesegardens
After walking around the Spring Festival, Andi and I decided to go somewhere a little quieter to take some photographs.  And here are my photos of the Japanese Gardens.
Picture 011japenesegardens
It took me a while to get this shot of the bridge because some loser guy kept getting in my way. After stumbling across the bridge for about a year he decided to splash around in the water…
Picture 018japenesegardens
This is a photo Andi took,  when we got back and looked at our photos I said “I wonder what that writing above me says.” Andi: “It says, Slut.” Now I realise how that makes the lovely Andi sound but I assure you it was in the best humour and I couldn’t stop laughing for ages!
Picture 013japenesegardens
   “Here’s to hoping you all have a fantastic sense of humour too!”


  1. These are gorgeous! I bet that guy was drunk, lol! XX!

  2. very beautiful i loved the tiny red bribge. thanks rose

  3. Great pictures! I loved the Japanese garden they have in Disney! It looked very beautiful! Thankd for sharing this.

  4. Great pictures, (different Faith from the post above)

  5. The reflections on the water are great. Great photos. and a great place too.


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