Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Blue Tongue

The other day I discovered a gorgeous Eastern Blue Tongue in the backyard. Isn’t he lovely?
Lizard #2
He is quite large and a wonderful animal to have living in your garden, as they provide great pest control which keep the plants happy. As a skink, this lizard is pretty much immobile at times as they have no body heat and need lots of warm sun in order to move. Hence why I was able to get up close and take some photos. Yay!
As most of my beautiful followers are American, I wonder have you ever heard of the Blue Tongue? I assume you realise he got his name from having a blue tongue… (I hope so) haha. His biggest problems in life are of course cats! The blue tongues defence is surprising his attacker with the blue of his tongue and as cats pounce without him even seeing, he doesn’t have much hope.
Dogs on the other hand can sometimes be a friend. They can share food and usually a dog will not attack the blue tongue out of sheer surprise. How sweet! Of course some dogs and Blue Tongues will not get along. Cars and lawn mowers, like cats are not very much liked by them either.
Lizard #3
I hope this post will provide you with some knowledge of Australian wildlife… and no they’re not poisonous.


  1. He is beautiful. Unlike most women, I have a healthy respect for reptiles and amphibians. We have toads and tree frogs and garter snakes and the occasional poisonous snake. But they all eat pesky insects and snakes eat rodents. Thanks for sharing the skink. I'd never seen one before.

  2. wow, I'm glad we don't have those around my parts. I don't really like things that slither Eeek! Thanks for following via the frog. Blogging is so much fun!

  3. Ooooh, I'm not sure I'd like to find one of those. Maybe if he showed my his pretty tongue, I might soften slightly!!

    The biggest animals we get in the garden are little worms, and the occasioal hedgehog!


  4. I'm American and no, I have never heard of that! Lizards are so cute though and even better that he serves your plants well! I would be excited to find one, I love animals :)

  5. Very interesting, I've never seen one of these in Canada

  6. What a lucky find! He is pretty.


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