Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Photographing Paintings

Crayfish Creek Landscape
If you have been following this blog for a while, you will have seen this oil painting of mine before. Last night I noticed that placed on my desk was Andi’s super awesome camera. Now I usually just use my little point and shoot that Andi bought me as a present.
For a little digital I do really love my camera but while I was playing around with Andi’s I took a few shots of my paintings and it captured them like I have never been able to do. There was no need to touch them up to find the correct colours! Yay!
Beachscape #5
Eee don’t you just love having a focal point and the rest out of focus? I do! Ok, so I realise you have seen both of these before but I do have something new or rather old to show you. This next photo is from when I first got all my oil paints, easel, everything paint, you name it, Andi bought it. Yes, he does buy me lots of presents! Anyway, so this painting was from way back then, when I had never before used oil paints, and even painting was fairly new to me. So go easy. Hehe.
Pamela Channel 
I would have loved to take new photographs of all of my paintings but thankfully people liked some of them enough to take them off my hands. :)
Wow, going back over those posts, there is the biggest difference in photographs. Thank goodness I’m getting better!


  1. i was in a phot club when i was twenty, but now i just enjoy other's work and your's is fun to watch

  2. Great work! (: Aren't good cameras the BEST?!

  3. That middle pic is especially gorgeous...did you paint them?

  4. Photographing anything is hard! I am not good by any means, but much better than I was.

    I really love the style of your paintings - totally something I would buy!

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    I just couldnt leave your web site prior to saying that I really enjoyed the high quality data you offer for your visitors. Will be back often to check up on new stuff in you post!

  6. I took oil classes from a woman for 5 years and that was one of the things she shared right off the bat....take pics of your work. Like you, some folks liked my work enough to take them off my hands but not before I took that shot. I am thankful for my teacher sharing that with me. Enjoy your work, I have gotten away from painting so much in the last few yrs but I made a pact with myself to try and do more this yr.

  7. Wow! I'm just figuring out this Blog Frog thing even though I've been on here for awhile...

    Anyway- AMAZING paintings!!! These are SO beautiful!!!

  8. I like the first one with its Emily Carr feel :D

    new follower via BF.


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