Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kreativ and Versatile Awards

I’ve been rather slow with this post as I’ve gotten so stuck into the excitement of showing you all my Holga Photos. P.S. I’ve totally saved the best for last, so stay tuned. You should all check out my last post too and leave me some love because it’s looking pretty lonely in comparison to the other Holga posts. Poor thing! Check it here/Holga Harbor.


On to today’s post! I am a lucky little blogger because I’ve just received 3 blogging awards! 1 Kreativ Blogger award from the lovely Suz from Random Thoughts by Suzanne and two Versatile Blogger awards from Shareena at Sherry Merry Go Round and my wonderful Mumsy over at Stamping Still.

So here’s 10 things about me before I hand on the awards!

1.  I’m teaching myself how to play mandolin.

2.  I already play the guitar.. (unwell, but I play).

3.  At the moment I’m working on recording a few of my songs, hopefully one day I will like them enough to show you.
4.  I used to know a little flute and piccolo, one day I’d like to pick it up again.

5.  I used to play the piano but got tired of learning classical, I wanted the Punk! I plan to get a pretty piano one day and play what I want!

6.  I clearly have a one track mind, since this is all about music. (I don’t really believe that).

7.  I just taught my little sissy, Chicken, that full stops go on the outside of brackets. She was wowed.

8.  I’m annoyed at myself for not taking an awesome Black & White of my pretty cousin, Erin, while she was here on holiday.

9.  Andi, makes fun of me for calling swimmers Cozies (there’s some good ol’ Australian slang for you). They’re called bathers in Tassie, blargh!

10.  At the moment I’m reading Crime and Punishment. It’s a light read for me. I’m loving it.

This next list is going to be a bit tricky, since I’m giving out two separate awards. So I’m just going to pass them on to a couple of bloggers I think really deserve them!


1st definitely to my awesome Mummy because she’s totally Kreativ with a K!


The Versatile Blogger Award will go to Jill from Junky Vagabond because she deserves some more traffic for sure!

And there you have it! I hope you all had a lovely Easter by the way! :D

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Holga Harbor

Super quick post today! It’s my sissy Cookie’s birthday and she’ll be home from school any minute! FUN!

These are some more Holga photos I took with my last roll of film. I really love this ducky shot, walking across the wharf! So sweet! Waddle Waddle! This one is for sale at my RedBubble page now if you want to have a look! Clicking on the photo will take you right there. You know you want to!

These photos were taken down at the local yacht club. This one is the Sea Hag! I had to get a photo. You know how much I love taking photos of ducks and boats! Perfect spot!

Again, here is a wonderful example of how the looking-hole in the Holga is not connected to the lense. See Andi’s leg in the far left there? I totally cut him off when I was trying to get him in the shot! Oh well.. I’m still loving this photo.
Gorgeous right? This is just near the place Andi and I watched the fireworks from to bring in the New Year 2011. Can you imagine watching the fireworks go off on the other side of the water? Super pretty!
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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Holga Seaside

These are some more photos I took with my toy Holga on this roll of film. I’m loving these two beach shots. The blue is so intense. I love the really vintagey brights of the Holga!

Aside from the two intense blue beach shots, all of these photographs were taken from different locations.

Sadly this one didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped. The only difficulty I have had with the Holga is that it’s hard to get the shot in the exact position you want because the hole you look through isn’t connected with the lense, it’s purely just a hole. Which means that sometimes, you’ll get a shot like this… where the focal point… isn’t exactly centre.

That’s ok though, because no matter what, you sure do get interesting shots! I love my Holga!

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Holga Ducks

Here are some more photos I took last weekend with my toy Holga. I love this picture, that little guy is staring straight at the camera. Unfortunately I didn’t upload the full size picture, it’s definitely a lot cuter when you see the bigger version. 

These ducks were so funny. I was so cautious and careful walking up to them because I didn’t want to scare them away… so I’m tip-toeing up to them and they see me… and they waddle as fast as they can, practically swarming me! Poor little things, I didn’t bring any food! 

I’ll definitely have to treat them next time, because they were wonderful posers! 


Aren’t they gorgeous?

P.S. If you're looking to buy a Holga camera, try looking here.
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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Holga Homes


Yesterday I finally got to see how my latest roll of film turned out and I am super happy! There are a couple less than awesome shots but most turned out much better than anticipated. Woo!


These shots are all homes from one suburb in Tasmania, Australia. Usually with my photos I play around with them in Gimp (basically a free Photoshop) but I couldn’t do that to film photos. They have more than enough character and vintage appeal as is.


When I saw this “perfect” white picket-fence I had to take a photo.. as I walked past afterwards I realised that on every single post of the fence someone has tagged it with graffiti. What a complete ars*hole! Beautifully done graffiti art, posted on the bare back walls of massive buildings in town is one thing, but tagging white picket-fences in suburban streets is another!


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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Books & Botanicals

books & botanicals
These are a couple of photos I took from our reading spot in the Botanical Garden’s. It was very quiet, not too many people strolled past and the view is wonderful!

Obviously you can see the greenery everywhere but straight through those branches below is the sparkling blue of the river. Unfortunately for me, my camera couldn’t quite capture it for you. But it was stunning!

books & botanicals 1
I was asked on A Beach Cottage a little while back what my favourite reading place was. Mine is definitely here! What’s yours?