Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sunset Over Little Bird

This is a photo of the Tasmanian Sunset my baby sister, Cookie, wanted me to take. Can you tell why?  This was also taken on my brothers, Cat’s, birthday the other day. Happy 25th!
This isn’t the best photo but I had to share because it’s so cute! I found this little thing on a walk to the shops yesterday and luckily had my little digital with me. Isn’t he sweet?

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Indie’s Chair

Indiana's Chair #3 
You got it! Some more Indie shots.. you know you love them! This is one of Indie’s favourite spots, he also loves washing baskets and sitting at the top of the stairs waiting for people to come inside.

indiana's chair #1
Hi Indie! *waves*. This magnificent pillow was made by my Nanna. She’s a genius. Don’t you love it? Indie does.

Indiana's Chair #2
Sweet Dreams
NOTE: I’d also just like to give a shout out to Karajeanne over at DecorVoyeur for awarding me with the lovely Versatile Blogger award. So versatile posting about my cat twice in a row. I know it. But I know she gets me because she gave a big long reason for all the bloggers she chose and when it came to my turn she wrote: “Kirsty Girl, I just dig her.” Best compliment ever.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cat-a-Log and-a-Fireplace

fireplace cat #1
I’m sure most of you by now have met Indiana, but for those of you just joining us, this is one of my precious kitties, Indie. I’ve taken a few snaps of him on top of the fireplace. I love them, but I’m biased.

fireplace cat #2
These two are my favourites. I love how well you can see his whiskers in this next pic. They’re HUGE!

fireplace cat #4
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Enjoy your kitties and have a beautiful day!

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Andi’s Alien Clouds

alien clouds
Today I wanted to share with you all a photo my gorgeous Andi took that I’m completely in awe of. I absolutely adore this one. Don’t you? The clouds are amazing and the red tinge on the garden is beautiful. I absolutely love it!

You can see Andi’s flickr for other beautiful photo’s here and you can view his blog (finally updated with a video of a recent gig) here. And if you like what you see then you should definitely “like” the Nerves band page on Facebook.

I’ve added this photo and another one of my favs to my Pinterest page, I’m starting to get addicted. You should follow me there or if you haven’t joined yet and need an invite, just contact me I’d be glad to help.

Also just a quick note about Blogger’s disruption the other day..
I would like to apologise if I have not gotten back to a comment you left me on my last post; Skipping Stones. Blogger deleted all the comments you lovely dears made so if you left a comment and I haven’t gotten back to you, that’s why. I always try to get back to my commenter's and appreciate the time you take to comment on my posts. Thank you.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Duke’s Knitted Mouse

Duke knitted mouse #1
I little while ago now, I knitted my sweet kitten a little mousey to play with! I just knitted a square and thread the ends together. I put catnip inside and gave it some whiskers, button eyes, and a really long tail so that I wouldn’t be killed while I played with him.

duke knitted mouse #3
duke knitted mouse #4
Of course Mr. Mousey is a little worse for wear now but I got some nice pictures from their meet. I love how green the paint has come out in these photo’s. The sunroom looks so country and sweet.

Duke knitted mouse #2

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Holga House

Here are a couple of shots I took with the same roll of film on my Holga… which I completely forgot about! I love it!

I love how overdone this place is, it’s gorgeous.. and right near the beach like the others in Holga Homes.

You can view all the other shots from this film here:
And now I am officially done with this film! I can’t wait to show you my new roll. It hasn’t been developed yet but it’s an expired black and white so hopefully I get some rather artsy-fartsy shots in there!

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

{Holga} Feline Friend

In my very humble opinion I’ve saved the best for last in this series of Holga posts. I love this first shot I got of a little kitty Andi and I made friends with on a walk. Meet, Mag. Isn’t she cute? She was so sweet and drooled everywhere. Very happy. Her owner also came out to talk to us too. I just love that!

I love how bright orange she’s come out in these shots, against the dark backdrop of the fence and sidewalk. Of course she started following us. So cute! I really fell in love with little Mag.

I’m so happy with this shot of Andi and Mag, walking a long together. How sweet. Definitely getting this baby blown up and framed. :) I’m also going to print out a couple of these and give them to her owner, Mr. Nice. Hopefully that will be a lovely surprise.

You can view all of my other Holga shots in this series of film here:


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