Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Marilyn Monroe Oil Painting + Kirsty & Friends Linky Party

Yay finally I have finished my Pop Art Marilyn Monroe! Oil Paint on Canvas. Totally black and white as you can see aside from the hot pink smoke from her cigarette. I’m pretty happy with her, but I’m terribly biased. So let me know what you think! You can view my sketch of her here.

Now on to the party! I have done a couple of linky’s in the past but it was never on an ongoing basis but I am committed now and I hope you will be too! So please join up, get your blog some well-deserved exposure and share the love.

While you’re in the joining spirit please visit me and befriend me over at www.stopandadvertise.com too. It’s social networking at its best for your blog/business. Think Facebook meets The Blog Frog. I’ve also got an Art/Photography group over there too that I’d LOVE you to join! Here’s the link: Art/Photography Group.
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Kirsty Girl


  1. very clever and a good resemblance!
    cheryl x

  2. Love your work. Will be back to party later. Can't link as easily from an iPad. Will have to access a computer. Hope you're not to cold in Tassie today, Melbourne is freezing!!
    x Marnie

  3. Love your painting and thanks so much for visiting.

  4. I will find a suitable link tomorrow! Love you rpainting. I happen to enjoy all kinds of art and love looking at different peopeles interpretations! Great job...thanks for sharing!

  5. Ciao Buongiorno!
    Thanks for your kind visit on my blog!
    Very beautiful work! Thanks for sharing!
    See you soon! Have a great week!

  6. that is a really cool painting and I love the highlighted pink smoke!

  7. I love your painting! That is so cool!


  8. Wow! It turned out great!

    ciao from Newport Beach

  9. Omigosh! You're an awesome artist! Love the exact likeness of Ms Marilyn. Keep on painting!

  10. Very cool, love the choice of color for the smoke ;)

  11. Kirsty she is beautiful!! I love the black and white with the pink, very Marilyn! :) Love the sketch too! Thank you for sharing this. :)

  12. Great work of art! I'll look forward to reading your archives from here in North Carolina.

  13. I love your Marilyn painting, Kirsty!! Great job, it's fabulous.


  14. What a great painting ! xx Ava

  15. PS, love the painting. I see you also have a problem with white showing up as white on a photo, but be that as it may, LOVE the pic.

  16. Great painting of her, looks very chic. Thanks for linking to Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays.

  17. I see you also have a problem with white showing up as white on a photo, but be that as it may, LOVE the pic.

  18. WOW! Nice job! I've never done anything in the pop art style but I really like what other people do with it! I really like it that you did the smoke in pink.


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