Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Catty Birthday + Kirsty & Friends Linky Party

This week it was Duke’s Birthday! Yay! He got lot’s of pressie’s, toy mice, paper planes etc. I wrapped mine up because I thought he would enjoy the wrapping the most. No sticky tape, just lots of long curly ribbon and noisy tissue paper. Of course he loved it.
Here are a few photos of him unwrapping his gift. I won’t show you him in his party hat because he hated it so much. It was very funny though. I love it when kitties walk backwards thinking it will somehow get rid of the thing around their head. hehe!
Now it’s your turn to join in and party with us! Link up your best or most recent post of the week! Remember to grab my button!
Kirsty Girl


  1. Such a cute cat birthday! Our cat is so timid that she gets terrified anytime she receives a present. She hates holidays, and just loves her quiet life without anything changing! Thanks for hosting the linky party every week! :) Deb @ RaisingFigureSkaters.com

  2. that is very cute! duke does look like bella : )

  3. So cute! I love it. Happy birthday kitty.

  4. Our cats like to try and get in every single photo I take!! I am definitely a cat person - and yours are absolute cuties!!


  5. u own black cat....ermmmm....i like cat but my wife doesnt like cat at all....by the way, happy birthday to ur cat


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