Thursday, July 5, 2012

Limousine Cow

This is a painting I’ve just finished of a Limousine Cow. I love him. I’ve been watching a lot of Deadwood lately and listening to Alberta Cross so I was in a very country kind of mood for this one. I have wanted to paint a cow for a long time now and I finally got around to it. I’ve never painted an animal before!
I actually painted this one in Acrylic for a change, rather than the usual oil. I practically got it finished in a day, rather than months and the cleaning process only took 10 minutes instead of the usual hour. I think I’m a convert. I’m crossing over to the dark side.
Hope you like him!
P.s. Cows are not food or milk machines they’re beautiful, feeling beings that inspire art. Click the Vegan Tasmania link to learn more and cut out meat and milk from your diet. Thanks!


  1. that is a really lovely painting!! I just recently returned to my vegetarian ways and am beginning to think I am lactose intolerant :( i may have to cut out milk... which isn't a horrible fate... what do you do about cheese??

  2. Your cow is truly lovely.
    I have never tried oils but I dont think I would have the patience. Bad enough that the cold weather is making my acrylics slow drying

  3. Really nice picture - looks great in acrylic, too. :)


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