Monday, May 20, 2013

Focus Photos {and Instagram}

Focus Photos 2
I am so happy with this photo that I decided not to do any touch ups or editing at all, a part of photography that I usually really love and enjoy but sometimes you get a special shot that just doesn’t need it. And for me this is one of them.
My lovely man, Andi, gave me a bit of a lesson in photography the other day. I have been using his camera lately, not one I am used to so I got a bit of a crash course. I needed some help getting the photos right for my new shop, Keepings, in order to get the tiny details to show in the jewellery and charms.
All of these shots are using high sensitivity settings and a manual focus. Which I love, it means you can get really close to the subject and still get the focus where you want it. With automatic you can never get close enough.
Focus Photos 1
For this last shot, I couldn’t even have gotten this without having the sv settings and manual focus. I even tried just to see how good a shot I could get of the spider web using any of the automatic settings. Absolutely nothing, the web didn’t even show up once.
Focus Photos 3
Have you played around with your camera settings recently?
While I have had an Instagram account for ages now, I never really used it. Well I am joining the ranks and posting there now! Please follow along with me, my username of course is kirstygirl, you can find me here at I FOLLOW BACK! <3
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  1. Love the spider web. Gorgeous.
    I shall have to look for you on Instagram as I have recently joined it myself

  2. I love that top flower photo. It looks so beautifully organic and pretty. Happy Monday:)

  3. Beautiful photo. Thanks for inspiration! Would love to have you link this to my party. Following on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest. Linda

  4. Wow, gorgeous! I am so darn lazy. I never take the time to find out how to use my camera. It's either on auto or I move it to the flower setting once in a while. I really need to take the time to learn! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  5. Great photos. Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home.

  6. Wow how beautiful and colorful your photos are. Like you, I am also active when it comes to instagram posting. I am actually checking my instagram account to know the latest about my friends. You really have the superb talent when it comes to photography. Keep up with the good work.

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