Tuesday, April 29, 2014

5 Things I've Learnt in My Puppy's First Week

5 tips for bringing puppy home
Hello Lovelies! I have some exciting news to share with you all! Judging by the title of this post and the photo above, I expect you have already deduced what it is!

Yep! I've got a beautiful little puppy called, Spot. He is a Kelpie x Smithfield (a Tasmanian Sheepdog) and It's been a hectic week I tell you! He is just lovely and I love him so! However, he's also intense, so intensely intense that there are things I really wish I had known before we picked him up at 6 weeks old. We've gotten some things right and some things not so right.

Here's what I've learnt so far:

5 Tips for bringing puppy home dog kelpie smithfield sleeping

5. You Can NOT EVER Have Enough Carpet Cleaner and Paper Towel
Nope, never ever, never is there ever enough! Seriously, just take home everything the shop has in stock.

4. Wear Thick Clothes, ABSOLUTELY NO New Knitted Jumpers
I learnt this the hard way! My brand new cable knit jumper is ruined. It also helps to wear jeans and boots for your protection.

3. Always ALWAYS have a Toy Nearby
6 week old pups bite, bite, bite, bite, bite and bite some more. Never switch rooms without having a toy on hand for distraction when he starts to bite you... because he will. (Please note, I'm talking playful chews here but they can still hurt and you don't want them forming bad habits, our rule is no biting humans, period.)

2. A Child's Play Pen is an Absolute Necessity
I forced poor Andi to go late night shopping to get one of these after an absolutely horrendous day with Spotty, he needs his space for quiet time and I need mine.

1. Oh the Serenity!
The best advice I could ever give to anyone with a new pup is to be calm, as calm as possible! Puppies pick up on your mood so, so, so well, better than I could have possibly imagined. When you're frustrated with them they will act naughtier! The more calm you are the more calm they are!

5 Tips for Bringing Home Puppy sleeping Kelpie Smithfield dog tongue


  1. I have lived through a few puppies, yes they are a lot of work. So cute though. We have a 4 year old black lab. Their puppy phases are long lived, even though they are huge. He is a good boy now. We are shopping for a mini lop bunny, so I will have to see how that goes. Please come share at the Anything Goes linky, if you have not already.

  2. Thanks so much Mindie! Your dog sounds beautiful! I love black labs. We just had a wonderful night... our first sleep through the whole night :) bliss!

  3. Spot is sooo sweet Kirsty! All good tips with a new puppy in your life :-)

  4. Training a puppy is hard, but oh so worth it. I thought I would die in the first month or so, but now my dog is very well trained and an absolute joy to have! Good luck!

  5. OH your puppy is super cute! Great tips, especially the one about staying calm!

  6. I so needed to hear that Lara, Thank you! I am going a little crazy I think but I love him :)

  7. Thanks Meredith! I know certain things work with certain dogs. Like I used to growl at my old dog and he'd behave himself... If I do that to Spot he growls right back haha. I try to tire him out but he's got an endless supply of energy so being calm is really the only way with him! Thanks for popping over :)

  8. He is the cutest ever! Thanks for sharing photos. I have 4 dogs at home and some cats and now I miss them more =) #WW

  9. Yes reading this brought back frantic memories of the puppies we've had. Yup, I have ruined jumpers too. And shoes! What a cliche!
    My best advice for puppy toilet training: cheese and persistence. Don't put paper down for me to pee in the house, take them out every hour and instruct 'go wee wee' (or what ever you feel like shouting in the neighborhood) and ONLY reward with a small amount of cheese when they wee (ignore until they do).our dog trainer taugh us this and it was the amazingly effective. Scarily so and you have a very clever breed so I am sure Spot will pick it up quickly.

  10. Oh my goodness, YES! Our puppy is now nearly 10 months old. He still pees from excitement, chews clothes or shoes and acts like a maniac. But he gives us more love and fun than we could have ever hoped for. Dogs are the best!

  11. Oh, I just love the pic of him asleep with his tongue out! so cute, my cat used to do that... its so funny... the little things lol.
    Just like kids its consistency, I was told by a trainer it will take at 43 times (on average) for a dog to learn its command.
    So, yes it seems its a but of work but worth every second... in reflection.

    Oh and also 'yep' when he mouths or bites you, high-pitch preferably they are learning there jaw strength, just as they play with other puppies the other puppies yep the same and it teaches them to gauge there jaw pressure. It may make you look a bit silly, but do it an you will see the look he gives you... it'll register pretty quickly. Worked on my poodles...

    Happy puppy cuddles!

  12. He is adorable. I know puppies can be a handful. We have a border collie that we got young, although not a pup. She was so high energy. With some training she turned into a great dog. She has calmed down as she's aged too.

  13. he's a baby all babies are handful's he'll learn and so will and it will be all right. He is a cutey visiting from flaunt it friday enjoy your weekend

  14. Lots of treats help, too!!

  15. OMG my ovaries are exploding. He is soooooo damn adorable.My mad as a complete nutter pup has finally calmed down... at 2 lol. Sorry probably not what you needed to hear. But did I mention how damn adorable he is??? :) xx

  16. Hi! New follower from the No Rules Blog Party. Your puppy is so adorable! I can imagine it would be a handful having a puppy, but these are great tips. It's all worth it in the end though, I absolutely love having pets and couldn't imagine my life without them. Thanks for sharing these tips and photos, he's super cute. :)


  17. Congratulations, my sons always wanted a dog but I never got them one as I would have been doing all the "clean up" work. Thanks for sharing and linking up with us at the #WWDParty. Have a wonderful week ahead.

  18. Too cute! Sweet puppy! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,



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