Wednesday, October 1, 2014

6 Ways Tech is Changing Our Health for the Better

As a blogger technology is my friend, I've always been loyal to a fault with friends and a glass half full kind of person so when the entire rest of the world continues to use technology to within an inch of its life yet spout on about how it's responsible for all the evils of this world, including all our ever increasing health issues, I'm here to say SHUT UP! I'm standing up for our good pal Tech and asking the media to please stop the tech bashing.

So, to help everyone remember just how awesome tech is and how tech can help us, I have 6 ways tech is changing out health for the better. Why 6? Because 6 is my favourite number and I'm getting sick of Top 5 and Top 10 posts. Bring on the number 6!

1. King of the Mountain
Strava is my mans go-to app. He records all his bike rides on there, road and mountain biking. Our bungalow is now also referred to as the bike shop because we have so many bikes in there. Strava lets him keep track of his times and distances and you can even compare your rides to other users. On Monday Andi got King of the Mountain, meaning he holds the top ride for that particular mountain track. OH YEAH!

2. Blogilates
I'm a bit of a Cassey Ho fan, a lot actually. She's so bubbly that I should be really erked by her but Cassey and all her fans are so sweet. They're completely loyal to Cassey and empower each other in so many ways. You can find her pop pilates videos on youtube or on (btw how awesome is that name!?). I actually have a folder full of her workout printables.


3. Garmin
I don't use any Garmin products personally but my Dad swears by them. Similar to Strava, Garmin sells navigational products for sports and fitness. He uses his like a watch which then monitors his walking tracks, heart rate, speed etc. Such an easy way to really see how much your fitness is improving. Similar to fitbits that I know a lot of you use.

4. iPods
Music, duh! If I'm exercising, taking a walk or whatever I either need my dog or my iPod with me to make the experience more enjoyable. I'm able to forget I'm actually exercising if I have music with me, if not I'll get tired in about a quarter of the time and stop. I'm sure you guys are all the same too! Music makes exercising more bearable.

5. MagicSeaweed
Another one my guy uses is, this app is the best for surf forecasts and surf reports. There are also webcams that you can view of your local beaches to see for yourself just how big those waves are!

6. Recipes
Books are awesome but the net is my number 1 place to look for healthy recipes and to research recipe development. I have my favourite vegan cookbooks but you can't search so easily for simple vegan recipes based on the ingredients in your cupboard like you can on the internet.

There you have it! 6 ways tech is actually bettering our health! Now everyone can quit with the life was better back when bull... 'cause no, it wasn't!


  1. Great points! It's always important to keep things in balance and I think the tech bashing has gone too far.

  2. Great post, always love to read tips on health :)

    Thanks for linking up #weekendbloghop

  3. Thank you Claire. And bonus thank you for tweeting it too :)

  4. Most definitely Hilda! It's all about finding that balance and I think I've finally found mine with tech. What about you?

  5. Great roundup! I think it's like most things. . .it's all about how we use it, right? Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  6. It's like everything else. It's all in how and how much we use it. I love my tech tools! Thank you for sharing at What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a lovely week! ~Deborah


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