Thursday, March 3, 2016

Why Twitter Sucks for Bloggers

If you've been following along, you will have already read my post on why social media sucks for bloggers and content producers and read my tips on how to make Instagram fun again and less sucky. But since you're here now, you're probably a Twitter lover like me. Yes, I love Twitter despite the title of this post.

Why Twitter Sucks for Bloggers and Content Producers and how to make it fun again

Why Twitter Sucks for Bloggers and Content Producers

If you're like me then Twitter can be a huge time suck, whether you're actually using it productively or you're reading pointless dribble. But let's face it, is anyone really on Twitter anymore just to read other people's tweets or even talk? Hardly. The majority of people on Twitter now are business owners simply playing the social media game and posting crap about their product or they're some kind of content producer, a marketer or blogger, posting about their latest blog. Does anyone get much reach from Twitter anymore? I'm not talking about just retweets and hearts that the slightly more clever Tweeters use so that they're not just spouting on about their own stuff, I'm talking about real engagement.